To read:
Live carefree before God; he is most careful with you. 1PETER 1:7 (MSG)

A stressed man was in his office thinking deeply. Suddenly one man ran inside shouting “Peter, Peter your daughter Tonia just had an accident and died”
Shocked and confused, He jumped out of his office through the window. As soon as he does, he remembered his office is on the 7th floor, as he descends lower, he remembered he doesn’t have a daughter called Tonia, still descending he remembered he’s not even married, just 2 floors before he hits the ground, he remembered his name isn’t even Peter…!

To Learn:
REST. If you don’t rest you will be laid to rest and the rest of us will do the rest of the work.

To Do:
Identify your critical stress factors and hand them over to God.

To Pray:
God give me grace to cast all my cares on you by realizing how much you care for me.

Further Reading:
Matthew 6:25-34

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