Our Mission Statement

Word Ablaze Mission International (WAMI)

To serve both individual and corporate entities by constant inspiration and tested godly principles in order for them to reach peak performance in life, living a purpose filled and balanced lifestyle.

We Aid:

  1. Purpose and Potential Discovery.
  2. Process Development.
  3. Leadership and Managerial Training.
  4. Resource and Personnel Development.
  5. Budget and Financial Planning.
  6. Strategy and Structure Development.
  7. Peak Performances and Balanced Lifestyle.


  1. Publications
  2. Seminars and Conferences
  3. The Media
  4. Consulting
  5. Life Coaching

Why we exist

Why we exist

to PREACH the gospel to all nations.

to PREPARE disciples.

to PLANT leaders that will bring victory to their world.

so that GOD might be PRAISED.


Our Core Values.

Add values, Balance, Love, Accountability, Zeal and Excellence (ABLAZE).