In the month of November 1994, the word of the Lord came to Rev Albert Femi Oduwole saying:

‘ I have empowered you to  reach out to the nation, transforming lives to the word of faith’

This awesome commission led to the establishment of Word Ablaze Mission  International in the year 1996. The Word Ablaze Mission is a multifaceted ministry comprising:

NETWORK OF CHURCHES: The Triumphant Assembly Churches International (a network of churches) with the mission of “planting city churches that raises triumphant models" and this had birthed about 20 growing churches worldwide

A MEDIA MINISTRY: Wami Media  Outreach, “broadcasting enough revelation to revolutionize your life”
This overseas the ministries Media outreach via Internet, TV , CDs , MP3 etc. the missions TV programme GET INSPIRED WITH ALBERT ODUWOLE reaches out to 50 nations.

A TRAINERS MINISTRY: Word Ablaze Academy, ”propelling this generation towards excellent in life and ministry” has raised several leaders for both corporate and church worldwide through formal and informal media.

AN OUTREACH MINISTRY: Wami World Outreach, “bringing victory to your world through  the word” that has taking our mission to several African, European and North American countries and cities

A PUBLISHING MINISTRY: The Triumphant Publishing House, “publishing the vision with passion” that had published about 20 titles so far with many more about to be released